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I'm Scott Paterson and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wife, Elle, and daughter, Lily Bee. I have six sisters and one brother. I grew up in Rochester NY and went to Dartmouth College where I had a high-speed connection to the Internet in my dorm room in the fall of 1986 which began a life-long love of most things Internet including having fun with web pages (e.g. this page).

I came out to the Bay Area in 1990 because I had a job at Novell, Inc. out of college. After six years there working on messaging and TCP/IP Internet technology, I left to work at Be, Inc. working on the BeOS. After becoming the Director of Marketing, I later left in 1999 to work full-time on which I founded on the Internet in 1988 in a different dorm room at Dartmouth. It started out as an enthusiast mailing list with 100 Saab owners in its first year and later grew into a web site that has had over a million Saab owners visit and which I still work on today. I created and coded the site myself.

I also founded a non-profit,, in 2008. P2P makes 0% interest loans to the working poor around the world. My wife had given me an article from the New York Times about microfinance and I thought it was a 'totally' amazing idea and I started doing some on my own, but that wasn't enough. I thought creating a non-profit would allow people and organizations who didn't have the time to do loaning themselves to just donate their money to my non-profit and we could take care of loaning their money for them. P2P is over 15 years old now and has 15+ different funds including those for women, single parents, education, housing, youth (24 and under), artisans, and USA only loans. Over those 15+ years, P2P has managed to operate on less than 3% overhead (100% volunteer organization) so, 97% of all donations have gone directly into making loans. Over those 15+ years, P2P has made over 45,000 loans with a 99% repayment which means the first donation made in 2008 will still be making news loans in the year 2100!

I founded a second non-profit in 2020 after I started coaching kids long-distance running in 2018 and later became an official USA Track & Field youth running club. For the Spring 2023 Track/Road Racing Season (our 11th season), I coached over 100 K-8th graders from 14 different schools. Check out their amazing (and joyful) accomplishments in this 4 minute video (I promise you'll find it super uplifting!!).

Other Interests:

I am also very interested in physics. If you want to read a book that will totally change your view of our universe and give a good explanation of why we live in a steady-state universe, check out Hidden in Plain Sight 2: The Equation of the Universe. If you are a Kindle user, it's just 99 cents.

I like tattoos. I now have 11 tattoos all below my knees and a sleeve. In all, I have 43 flowers tattooed on my body (love gardening). You can see my tattoo gallery by clicking the linked image below.

I'm also a fan of Deth P. Sun art. I never had much of a connection to art - got a D in Art History at Dartmouth - but my sister in law, Joanne, introduced me to some local, young artists and I connected with Deth's work. I own 20+ paintings, one print, and two tattoos of his work. Click on the image below to see the paintings we own.

I learned how to count cards at Blackjack in 1990. I kept stats in a spreadsheet for over 10 years and in all that time, I ended up winning about $1 an hour total... but I didn't lose. I'm even barred from playing at one casino in Las Vegas. Want to read a great book about Blackjack - it has great stories and also teaches you how to play: The World's Greatest Blackjack Book.

I very much enjoy upbeat ambient music and used to curate a radio station on the now defunct site,, that was #1 in the electronic/ambient category. I'm trying to recreate it on YouTube. You can listen to it here: Click Here.

I have fun flying a drone. You can see some of my videos here along with some running videos: Click Here.

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I founded this non-profit in 2008

I founded this non-profit in 2020

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I set the Boston Franklin Park course record in 1985 pretty much running it by myself most of the way. I was also a New York State Cross Country champion in High School. I was recruited to run Division 1 at Dartmouth College by Vin Lanana who was the 2016 Head Coach for the US Olympic Track & Field team. By my first year in college, I had run a 4:14 mile and 52:15 for 10 miles, then I got too injured to run anymore so I went back to playing ice hockey. I now coach girls youth running as part of the Run Club Menlo Park non-profit that I founded. We are an official USA Track & Field Youth Running Club.